CIPSPC winds up with energy and optimism

Thank you to everyone who attended the Canadian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference in Montreal!  An outstanding program of diverse and sometimes challenging but always thought-provoking presentations and discussions wound up on Thursday afternoon with an engaging and decidedly low tech presentation by Paul Huschilt, which was enjoyed by all. 

Thank you to our keynote speakers:  Cassie Campbell,  the Honourable Rona Ambrose, Minister of Health, Duncan McCue and John Carnochan, and to all our presenters, panelists, sponsors, exhibitors, volunteers and organizers.

If you would like to make an injury prevention pledge, please tweet it to #getinthegame.  If you ‘got in the game’ and made a video pledge, you can see it here.

Until we meet again.



Canadian Injury Prevention and Safety Promotion Conference Awards

The CIPSPC steering committee presented two awards at this year’s gala on Wednesday, Nov. 6:

The Partnership Award

The Finding Balance program, a falls prevention initiative in Alberta, won this award. The backbone of the campaign is an Advisory Committee that provides advice, ideas and partnership.  The Committee consists of representatives from a broad range of constituencies that are directly affected by seniors’ falls.  Members include seniors and seniors’ groups, provincial organizations supporting seniors’ health, healthcare professionals such as physicians, physiotherapists, nurses, pharmacists, and rehabilitation specialists and representatives from all health zones. 

A key aspect of the Finding Balance partnership is a genuine willingness to share.  Committee members are always quick to contribute materials to share, tell others about the program and offer ideas to overcome possible challenges.  No one organization owns the Finding Balance brand – it is everyone’s. Finding Balance is an exemplary model of partnership and succeeded because of its partnerships. Liza Sunley of the Alberta Centre for Injury Control and Research was on hand to accept the award for the Finding Balance Program.

The Leadership Award

Kathy Belton, the Associate Director at the Alberta Centre for Injury Control & Research, won this award. Kathy’s innovative leadership and vision has helped build a strong, dynamic injury prevention community in Alberta. She has been instrumental in launching and sustaining many programs from the early days of Heroes to the Alberta Occupant Restraint Program.  With Kathy’s guidance, the Alberta Injury Control Strategy was created, bringing together a wide variety of stakeholders and interest groups to develop consensus on a framework to guide effective planning and implementation of injury control initiatives. 

Nationally, Kathy has made a strong commitment to the Canadian Collaborating Centres for Injury Prevention and has provided access to ACICR staff and resources to support this group.  She has been a strong advocate for injury prevention policy and continues to find novel approaches to inform decision-makers about injury issues and what they can do to effect change.  Kathy has been a mentor to many people who have been drawn to injury prevention as a vocation.


Canadian Collaborating Centres for Injury Prevention Award for Collaborative Excellence

The winner of the Canadian Collaborating Centres for Injury Prevention Award for Collaborative Excellence was the NWT Injury Prevention Working Group for their project NWT Water Smart. The NWT Injury Prevention Working Group was formed in 2011 as a direct need to address drowning and is comprised of a number of government departments, non-government organizations, and representatives from First Nations and Inuit organizations. The goal of NWT Water Smart is to reduce regional disparities in the NWT in accessing drowning prevention education, training, and skill development. The project builds local capacity through train-the-trainer activities and includes safe boating education, promotion of lifejacket use, Swim-to-Survive®, and audits of unsupervised waterfronts. By July 2013, the project has already reached a total of 25 communities. The collaborative model will be used in the future to address other mechanisms of injury such as brain injury prevention.


Rising Star in Injury Prevention Awards

CIPSPC 2013 had the highest level of student engagement in the history of the conference.  We had 51 student registrants. Students gave a total of 21 oral presentations and 12 poster presentations, a strong demonstration that the Canadian injury prevention field continues to strengthen with the addition of great new talent.  While recognizing the talent of this new generation, we also wish to acknowledge the contributions made by their advisors, mentors and supporters.

This award was sponsored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and presented by Dr. David Sleet, National Center for Injury Prevention & Control.

This conference’s Rising Star in Injury Prevention award winners are:

Best Poster Presentation

Martin Lavalliére, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, La recherche sur les distractions au volant et les effets de l’âge : où avons-nous l’esprit ?

Best Oral Presentation

Jean-François Bruneau, Université de Sherbrooke, Safety of Personal Mobility Devices on Public Infrastructures


Program Updates

Plenary Presentation

Why Canada Needs a “Parachute”

Louise Logan, BA JD, President and CEO, Parachute

Preventable injuries continue to impose a massive burden on Canadian society – their impact has been assessed at $19.8 billion a year, 13,000 deaths, and over 200,000 hospital stays.  These numbers pale, of course, with the devastating impact on individuals and families.  Despite these facts, preventable injury has not attracted the kind of attention, and investment, needed to bring about meaningful change. 

This is why Canada needs Parachute – a national charitable organization dedicated to preventing injuries and saving lives.  We want to bring attention to the issue of preventable injury, exponentially increase our impact and influence, and create a movement dedicated to an injury free Canada.

We have a big vision, one that will dramatically change Canadian society.  In this plenary presentation, Parachute’s President & CEO, Louise Logan, will share our vision and strategy, and invite communities, professionals, families, policy-makers and all concerned citizens to help create an injury-free Canada.